We have a web page so thats not bad.  Actually we are a state of the art packing house with all kinds of electronic sizers, graders, pack machines and automatic computerized bag machines, but so does everyone else. This is the 21st century so if you do not have advanced technology you probably are not reading this and will soon be out of business.

 The paragraph above is slightly facetious, but also true.  The cost of doing business continues to increase while the income received for our product remains unchanged.  If we do not use technology to lower our costs we will cease to exist.  However, there are some things in our industry that technology just cannot do.

 Our citrus must be picked by hand, a very difficult job in that each fruit must be clipped from the tree in order for the fruit to not rot before processing and shipment.  We employ over two hundred laborers whose job it is to climb ladders with a picking sack and use clippers to remove the fruit from the tree to deliver to our state of the art packinghouse.  I am very proud and grateful for our harvesters and want everyone to understand how hard they work to provide citrus to all our tables.

Yes technology is important, but it will never be as important as our employees who harvest and help grade and pack our fruit.